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Eurasia Research International Conference held at Athens, July 2018

TERA – Teaching and Education Research Association

2018 – International Conference on Research in Teaching, Education & Learning, 17-18 July, Athens The American College of Greece, Athens, Greece

This summary captures a two-day programme with presentations, panel discussions and interactive dialogue. TERA – Teaching and Education Research Association conference is one of the best academic event in Teaching and Education Theme, which took place on 17-July-2018 to 18-July-2018 at The American College of Greece, Athens, Greece. The event brought together 50 participants from United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, Chile, Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, RdCongo, Egypt, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, United States of America, Israel, France, Hong Kong, Spain, India, South Africa, Iran, etc to review and discuss the latest challenges of teaching, Education and Learning. TERA – Teaching and Education Research Association is known to have valuable networking opportunity and set the stage for further cooperation among the participants of different countries.

The conference began with opening remarks by Honorable Keynote speaker highlighting the main context on Education.

The main aim of this conference was:

  • To discuss latest challenges/researches being faced by the Society regarding Education

  • Generating academic and professional relationships

  • Boosting the morale and confidence of researchers on an international platform

  • Networking among the participants

  • Providing a holistic experience of academic tourism

The conference is structured in such a way that each participant gets the most from the conference and can cherish the time and efforts that has been invested to attend the conference.

The details of this conference are below:-

Session 1: Welcome and Opening Speech

In the Opening of the conference, Our Honorable Keynote speaker enlightened the participants with their speech highlighting the problem emerging all around the world. Our first Keynote speaker delivered the speech. Following is the glimpse of the conference:-

Vasiliki Kakosimou of Head officer of Regional Asylum Office (RAO) of Piraeus, Athens

Session 2: Team Building Activity

In order to break the ice between the participants and make them know each other in a better way, Eurasia Research conducts a team building activity in every conference. This helps the participants to gel with each other and also serves the purpose of discussing topics which have social, cultural, economic, political, etc importance and possible measures to eradicate such problems. Diversity is the key element of this activity because of which participants get to know about issues of other countries. Participants actively participated and shared ideas about the issues and got a chance for networking and building long-term relationships. This session helped participants to interact with each other and after this, we moved towards our Technical session 3, in which outstanding speeches on outstanding topics were discussed and questions from the audience were addressed:- 

Eurasia Research Team Building Activity

Session 3: Technical Session In this technical session participant from all around the globe presented their papers related to their research and study. Some of the major issues that were discussed can be outlined as:

1. "Students motivation of to learn science in Arab schools in Israel" presented by Essa Alfahel Affiliated to Education, Achva Academic College of Education, Israel.

2. "The Mediating Role of Engagement on the Relationship Between Curiosity and Student Success" presented by Robert Moussetis Affiliated to Management and Marketing, Professor of International Business & Strategic Management, North Central College, Naperville, USA

3. "Development of new engineering programs using dual education principles in Cambodia, China, India and Russia" Presented by Laureano Jimenez Esteller Affiliated to Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, University Rovirai Virgili, CIF: Q9350003A, Tarragona, Spain

Eurasia Research makes continuous efforts in transforming the lives of people around the world through education, application of research & innovative ideas. In order to promote Young Researchers, Eurasia Research International conferences, Provides Young Research Scholarship in the form of full Registration fee waiver to participate in such events. This gives immense encouragement to the researchers who have brilliant ideas to exhibit their research work on the International platform. Eurasia Research aims for promoting research and talent of scholars by giving the scholarship to 5 selected applicants for each conference. 

Best Paper In each, Eurasia Research International conference, the Best paper award is given to best researchers. In our conferences, the Best paper award is given to the participants with the best scholarly paper submitted and presented at the conference. In 2018 – International Conference on Research in Teaching, Education & Learning, 17-18 July, Athens, Best Paper Award was given to paper:

Hajar Kashani of Young Researchers and Elites Club, Islamic Azad University, Tehran North Branch, Tehran, Iran

Lamprini Chartofylaka of entre de Recherches et de Ressources en Education et Formation (CRREF), Universiti des Antilles,Guadeloupe, France DOM

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