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Newsletter: HBSRA (July-September 2022)

Dear HBSRA Members,

We offer our sincere thanks for your patronage and support. HBSRA has now grown to 14762 followers and members from 58 countries.

Healthcare and Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA) is an international community of researchers, practitioners, students, and professionals for the development and spread of ideas in the field of healthcare and life sciences.

HBSRA is promoted by Eurasia Research. HBSRA aims to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development and create opportunities for networking and collaboration. These objectives are achieved through academic networking, meetings, conferences, workshops, projects, research publications, academic awards, and scholarships.

The driving force behind this association is its diverse members and advisory board, who provide inspiration, ideas, efforts and drive collaborations. Scholars, Researchers, Professionals are invited to become a member of HBSRA and join this ever-growing network, working for benefit of society and research with the spirit of sharing and mutual growth.

Salient Features:

  • 15000 + and growing network of professionals

  • Professional and Experienced team

  • Conferences in Asia, Europe & Africa

  • Events at reputable institutes and grand venues

  • Lifetime free membership

  • Strong Social Media Platform for networking

  • Young Researcher Scholarships

  • Research publication in international journals

HBSRA invites academicians, practitioners, professionals, students, and researchers to join as Life-Time members.

Individuals/ Institutions/ Corporates can become a member by submitting the membership fee and filling the Membership Form given below.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • HBSRA members enjoy benefits that are essential to career and academic success.

  • Life-Time Membership

  • 10,000+ Members from across the globe

  • Effective networking through social media platforms and International Conferences

  • Membership is the starting point to participate in HBSRA conferences and to join as a domain expert, reviewer, and conference committee member

  • Member’s name and affiliation is announced on the Association’s website

  • Members can mention their membership on their Resume, Profiles and for other academic and professional purposes

  • Publication opportunity in our Best-in-class Journals and Magazines

  • Access to new research information and latest trends through our content and network

  • Leadership position opportunities in HBSRA

Life-Time Membership Fee: USD 60

We are glad to present you with our latest edition of the newsletter. The newsletter shows the associations of current and upcoming endeavours.

Our worthy Keynote speakers open up the conference, enlightening participants with their speeches. Here is the list of keynote speakers who participated in our conferences:

Eurasia Research International Conference begins with opening remarks by the honorable Keynote speaker highlighting the main context of Healthcare and Life-Sciences.

Dr Agnieszka Iłendo-Milewska

Professor and head of the Faculty of Psychology at the Private University of Pedagogy in Bialystok, Poland

Agnieszka Iłendo-Milewska is a psychologist, a certified coach, and a career counselor. She is a university professor and a head of the Faculty of Psychology at the Private University of Pedagogy in Bialystok, Poland. She is the head person and founder of the Private Primary School in Bialystok and a head person of the Private Preschool in Bialystok. She is also an expert at the Ministry of National Education in Warsaw. Her major research interests include self-regulation, dysfunctional behavior, and social relation. Her scientific project is concentrate on 'Self-regulation among middle school students and 'Emotions and relationships between groups. She is also an Editorial Board Member of the Social Science and Humanities Research Association (SSHRA), Journal Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), PEOPLE Journal: International Journal of Social Sciences, and International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS). She acts as an Honorary Peer Reviewer for the Global Association of Research USA. She has published widely in Polish and English. She has authored several books: 'School environment in the students' experiences, tendencies of changes (2016) and 'Dysfunction among middle school students (2009). She was awarded the Medal of the Commission of National Education in Poland for exceptional services to education and upbringing (2017), the Medal Diligentiae for urgency and good posture, granted by the President of the City of Białystok (2018), the Award of the Ministry of National Education for outstanding achievements in didactic and educational work (2019).

Dr. (Mrs.) W. G. Samanthi Konarasinghe

Academic Director, Statistical Consultant, Institute of Mathematics and Management, Sri Lanka

Dr. (Mrs.) W. G. Samanthi Konarasinghe, an award-winning Scientist has served as a Statistical Consultant and a Lecturer for more than two decades. She has developed various Mathematical and Statistical techniques for the world. The Circular Model (CM) and the Sama Circular Model (SCM) are two of the widely applied techniques whilst the Damped Circular Model (DCM) and Forced Circular Model (FCM) are the recently developed models. Dr. Samanthi has won the Best Paper Award from the International Conference on Advances in Mathematics, Computers & Physical Sciences and the International Conference on Business, Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities for her research findings. She was awarded the “IMRF BEST SCIENTIST AWARD, INDIA” for her invaluable contribution to the field of Statistics. She has been in constant demand due to her new findings, getting an invitation from various destinations to share her knowledge as the keynote speaker, invited speaker, etc. at international research forums in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, and many other countries. Also, she was the guest of honor and the chief guest of many International research forums. Dr. Samanthi is a multi-disciplinarian; has obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics; a Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Mathematics; a Master of Science in Applied Statistics, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics, a Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics. Also has a Diploma in Classical Music. She is a member of; the American Statistical Association (ASA), Statistical Society Australia (SSA), Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka (IASSL), and National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka. She is the Editor in Chief of, the Journal of New Frontiers in Mathematics & Statistics; Journal of New Frontiers in Economics & Business; Journal of New Frontiers in Healthcare & Biological Sciences; Journal of New Frontiers in Education & Social Sciences, published by the Institute of Mathematics and Management of Sri Lanka. Also an Editorial board member of the American Journal of Theoretical And Applied Statistics (AJTAS). She is an Advisory member Technical/ Scientific Conference Committee member of the Scientific and Technical Research Association (STRA). Most interestingly, Dr. Samanthi is not only a Scientist but also an Artist; Violinist, Painter, Writer, Drama producer, and Actress. The membership magazine of the American Statistical Association; “AMSTATNEWS” wrote two testimonials on her.

Dr. Yoshiko Yamaguchi

Home Care Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Kwassui Women’s University, Japan

Dr. Yoshiko Yamaguchi received her Ph.D. at. Kyushu University during the period of 2013-2016. Currently, she is working as a research associate in Home Care Nursing, at the Faculty of Nursing, Kwassui Women’s University, Japan. She has successfully completed her responsibilities as a reviewer of eighty-one research articles in twenty-four journals from 2016-present. And she has been serving as an editorial board member of two journals; LIFE: International Journal of Health and Life-Sciences and Journal of Practical and Professional Nursing and has been delegated vice president of the Healthcare and Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA).

The main aims of the conference are:

  • Advancement of Research and Innovative ideas through conferences, workshops, seminars, and publications

  • Fostering a global community based on research and knowledge

  • Fostering innovation and ideas through research-based activities

  • Global dissemination of ideas and research through the use of technology

  • Working towards world peace and community development

Chat Session with Eminent Participants

HBSRA is in the process of expanding its knowledge base, to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development, and create opportunities for networking and collaboration. In each Eurasia International Conference, articles, project synopsis, teaching notes, and observations are submitted by the international community of Researchers, Practitioners, Students, and Educationists for the development and spread of ideas. The Editorial Review is showcased on the association’s website, newsletter, social media, and upcoming endeavors.


In each Eurasia International Conference, Best Paper Award is given to Best Researches. In the Scientific and Technical Research Association (STRA), the Best paper award is given to the participants with the best scholarly paper submitted and presented at the conference.

Name & Affiliation: Fanjun Zhou

Newton South High School, Newton, USA

Title: A Portable Miniature Syringe Needle Remover and Receptacle for Drug Injection Users

Abstract: In today's drug-ridden society, drug injection is gradually becoming more popular and has hidden danger to IDUs (injection drug users) such as infectious diseases. According to reports, 67% of IDUs reported improper disposal at some point over the prior 30 days, leading to a proliferation of injection needles on streets. In recent years, the number of cases of children or ordinary people unintentionally picking up needles has increased. Various needle remover inventions have begun to surface, but the existing ones are either expensive, unportable, or risky for IDUs. In order to effectively alleviate the proliferation of drug injection needles and improve the invention of needle removers, a miniature portable needle remover and receptacle is invented. The device for capturing and storing syringe needles contains an upper lid portion mounted tightly onto the lower box portion through an interlock system on the opposing sides of the device with a breaking-twisting mechanism to remove the needle. The invention is intended to be affordable to the general public, safe enough for IDUs to use, reliable enough not to harm others, and effective in breaking needles from the syringe. This report is conducted in the hope to spread awareness of the dangers of drug injection and providing a way to mitigate this drug rampant situation.

Keywords: Needle remover, Drug injection, Injection drug users, Portable, Receptacle

Name & Affiliation: Zhooriyati Sehu Mohamad

Psychology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Title: The Perception of Family and Emotional Experiences of Orphan Adolescents in Malaysia

Abstract: Children's development, particularly in the area of their emotions, has been adversely affected as a result of their lack of early exposure to the experiences of family life. Teenagers who have lost both of their parents must not only learn to live with the anguish and sorrow that accompany this loss but also find a way to adjust to the additional demands placed on them as a result of this tragedy. Previous research minimally focuses on the family concept and emotional condition. This led the current study to explore the perception of family and emotional experiences of orphan adolescents in Malaysia and if social support has an influence on their life. To achieve the objective of this study, qualitative research using a phenomenological approach was conducted on 8 participants who were recruited through purposive sampling from orphanages in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The participants were selected based on the inclusion criteria, (i) age of 13 to 17 and (ii) who lives in orphanages for a minimum of three years. The data were collected using semi-structured interviews through open-ended questions. The collected data were analyzed using a qualitative tool, Atlas. ti. The themes are referring to caretakers and friends as family, definitions and significance of family, positive emotional experiences, struggles faced growing up in orphanages, social support received, and expectations of future social support. The study reported that the participants experiences both positive and negative emotional experiences of staying in orphanages due to many reasons. Therefore, as for social support, participants deemed tangible needs as the most useful and hoped for more informational, tangible, and social network support in the future. From the results, it can be concluded that the caretakers or friends could be referred to as a family for orphan adolescents which influences their emotional experiences. Future researchers may utilize other methodologies to discuss the topic in broader terms and support it with stronger evidence.

Eurasia Research makes continuous efforts in transforming the lives of people around the world through education, application of research & innovative ideas. To Promote Young Researchers, Eurasia Research International conferences provide a Young Research Scholarship in the form of a full Registration fee waiver to participate in such events. This gives immense encouragement to the researchers who have brilliant ideas to exhibit their research work on the international platform.

LIFE: International Journal of Health and Life-Sciences publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. ‘LIFE’ publishes original laboratory methods, industrial design, related technical tools, and methods-oriented review articles on all aspects of biomedical and life sciences. Special Issues devoted to important topics in health and life sciences will occasionally be published

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