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Newsletter: TERA (July- September 2022)

Dear TERA Members,

Greetings and sincere thanks for your patronage and support. TERA has now grown to 12662 followers and members from 65 countries.

Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA) is an international community of Researchers, Practitioners, Students and Educationists for the development and spread of ideas in the field of teaching and education.

TERA is promoted by Eurasia Research. TERA aims to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development and create opportunities for networking and collaboration. These objectives are achieved through Academic Networking, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Projects, Research Publications, Academic Awards and Scholarships.

The driving force behind this association is its diverse members and advisory board, who provide inspiration, ideas, efforts and drive collaborations. Scholars, Researchers, Professionals are invited to become a member of TERA and join this ever-growing network, working for benefit of society and research with the spirit of sharing and mutual growth.

Salient Features:

  • 15,000 + and growing network of professionals

  • Professional and Experienced team

  • Conferences in Asia, Europe & Africa

  • Events at reputed institutes and grand venues

  • Life-time free membership

  • Strong Social Media Platform for networking

  • Young Researcher Scholarships

  • Research publication in international journals

TERA Fellow Program in Education

Fellow Program in Education of ‘Teaching and Education Research Association’ (TERA).

The program offers an opportunity to learn the key concepts and latest trends in the teaching industry from the stalwarts in the industry. The applicant would be honoured with a certificate of ‘Fellowship’ by the Program Director of TERA.

The Fellows of TERA would receive International recognition and visibility amongst the global teaching fraternity.

Program Objectives:

This Fellow program is designed to help to teach professionals to acquire, develop and master the qualities of effective teaching, specifically relating to building human relationships, working with diverse learners and using instructional technology effectively.

The fellow program creates a global community of professional teachers who are nurtured by the best in the teaching industry from various institutions and countries, giving the program a global advantage.

This Fellow program is designed for teaching professionals seeking international recognition, visibility and training from the best in the industry.

TERA invites academicians, practitioners, professionals, students, and researchers to join as Life-Time members.

Individuals/ Institutions/ Corporates can become a member by submitting the membership fee and filling the Membership Form given below.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • TERA members enjoy benefits that are essential to career and academic success.

  • Life-Time Membership

  • 10,000+ Members from across the globe

  • Effective networking through social media platforms and International Conferences

  • Membership is the starting point to participate in TERA conferences and to join as a domain expert, reviewer and conference committee member

  • Member’s name and affiliation is announced on the Association’s website

  • Members can mention their membership on their Resume, Profiles and for other academic and professional purposes

  • Publication opportunity in our Best in class Journals and Magazines

  • Access to new research information and latest trends through our content and network

  • Leadership position opportunities in TERA

Life-Time Membership Fee: USD 60

We are glad to present you with our latest edition of the newsletter. The newsletter showcases the associations of current and upcoming endeavours.

Eurasia Research International Conference begins with opening remarks by the honourable Keynote speaker highlighting the main context on Teaching and Education.

Our worthy Keynote speakers open up the conference enlightening participants with their speeches. Here is the list of keynote speakers who participated in our conferences:

Patama Satawedin

Assistant Professor, Bangkok University, Thailand

Patama Satawedin is currently an assistant professor and Director, Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications, School of Communication Arts, Bangkok University, and Bangkok, Thailand. She received her doctoral and master’s degrees in media and communication from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Likewise, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in public relations (first-class honours) from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. She has teaching experiences for over 10 years. Her research interests are health literacy, health communication, crisis communication and crisis management, marketing public relations, and communication studies.

Parichart Toomnan

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Parichart is a lecturer in the English for Business Management Department at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Khon Kaen University. During 2016-2019, she has served as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts. At that time, she has been the Chair of English for Business Management Department. Now, she is teaching Bachelor Degree and Master Degree students. She had joined national and international conferences in Thailand and aboard. She has served a reviewer for Panna Panitan Journal, Mahachulalongkornrajvidhayalai University, Nong Khai Campus, Thailand since 2020. Her research interests are second language acquisition, teacher training, EFL learning and teaching, language learning strategies, communication strategies as well as intercultural communication. Gradually, she is invited to be a guest lecturer and a guest speaker in terms of English communication, English Education, and English training for students, teachers, and staff in both public and private sectors.

Beata Mirecka Jakubowska

Education Advisor & Consultant, Founder of Intercultural Education Consulting, Jakarta, Indonesia

To facilitate the development of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska, a passionate educator with 30+ years of experience in international schools, employs active learning approaches to seamlessly integrate technology, personalize learning, help students hone interpersonal skills, and foster intercultural understanding. A true 21st-century educator, Beata equips students with lifelong learning skills to navigate the rapidly-changing world of the digital era. Beata actively promotes international cooperation between schools by participating in EU and European Economic Area projects, testing her platform in South-East Asia, and engaging in a variety of educational endeavors in Indonesia.

Dr. Hilda Habacon Aseoche

Lajarca St. Junction, Mayondon, Los Baños, Laguna

Giving up is never an option for me. This is how I want people to remember me when they hear my name. I am Hilda H. Aseoche all the way from the Special Science City Nature of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna. I’ve been an educator by profession for 13 years and currently, I am affiliated as a public school teacher at Los Baños Integrated School (LBIS) and a proud single mother of three adorable kids. Apart from that, I also work as an online ESL Teacher at 51 Talk and a volunteer co-facilitator of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Camp Laguna2, Philippines partnered with Regional English Language Office and US Embassy. I gained my Doctorate Degree at Laguna State Polytechnic University last August 2020 and was able to publish and present my paper internationally entitled “Lived Experiences of MOOCers: A Phenomenological Study and “Development and Validation of Supplementary Grammar Modules in English for Grade Eight Pupils at Los Baños Integrated School”. I also volunteered as a teacher in American Language and Culture Classes for three months last 2020. I became the Demonstration Teacher for two consecutive years (2016-2017) and was recognized as Best Writer in Test Construction. My recent speakership was held last Jan. 2002 with a Title Enhancing the Learners Experience by Bringing Out the Best in Them in partnership with ICTEL 2022 – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, Paris held at Forma Square-Docks de Paris, Paris, France Organized by: Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA) and the later was held last Sept 2020 with a Title Teaching English to Young Learners: an International Webinar in partnership with MOOC Laguna Camp 2 and Private and Public American Language Culture Class. Finally, I am an environmental advocate who supports our community's Environmental Sustainability: A Clean-Up Drive project. My job as a teacher is to transform and make a difference to the lives of my former, current, and future students. I can say that I am a teacher that teaches from the heart. I believe that teaching is more than just imparting knowledge; it is also about growing students to become self-sufficient and lifelong learners.

Dr. Froilan D. Mobo

Assistant Director, Department of Research and Development, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy

He is a Graduate Doctor in Public Administration from the Urdaneta City University Class of 2016. and also, a Graduate of 2nd Doctorate Degree - Ph.D. in Development Education at the Central Luzon State University, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. After obtaining his Doctorate Degree he was promoted and designated to the position of Assistant Director / Extension Coordinator and Associate Professor II of the Department of Research, Development, and Extension at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) and this gave him an opportunity to work with different international research institutions such as Regional Director and Ph.D. Lecturer in Cel Academic, Malaysia., Lecturer in the Graduate School, Columban College, Olongapo City. He was also appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Malang, Indonesia. As a researcher by heart, he is an External Peer Reviewer in various international research journals and has been invited as a keynote / Resource Speaker at various international conferences abroad and international universities around the globe. In 2019, he was awarded an Outstanding Alumnus in the Graduate School of Urdaneta City University, Pangasinan, and was a Multi-Awarded International Researcher and Global Leader since 2020 at present. Recently, He was appointed as the Ambassador at Large, Country Ambassador and Director for the International Human Rights Movement Philippines under the umbrella of the United Nations. At present, He was appointed as Technical Research Evaluator by the Department of Science and Technology and was able to publish 56 research articles with 23 citations in ResearchGate and 13 Citations in Google Scholar indexed in Google Scholar, EBSCO, DOAJ, ISI, and Crossref. He also published 12 international books in Europe, Indonesia, and India.

Dr. Shazia Malik

Assistant Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan

Dr. Shazia Malik is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan. She has completed her Ph.D. Education at the Ph.D. The University of Ph.D. Putra Malaysia with specialization in the area of Curriculum and Instruction. She not only completed her PhD within three years with the certificate of Graduation on Time (PhD within six semesters). She also won the best Graduate award from the Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysia, for her Doctoral research work. She has participated in 3MT (Three Minute Thesis Competition) at the University of Putra Malaysia. After completing her Ph.D., she was awarded one-year contract scholarship from HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan to serve at Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan with Assistant Professor Designation. She has published almost 17 research papers in national and international journals. She has presented almost 12 research papers as a Presenter in National and International conferences including the States of Prague, Turkey, Malaysia, and Pakistan. On the base of her research work, Higher Education Commission Pakistan has awarded her the title of Ph.D. Approved Supervisor in Pakistan. She is teaching in the field of “Education” to Masters, M.phil, and Professional Degree scholars with their course work and research work.

The main aims of the conference are:

  • Advancement of Research and Innovative ideas through conference, workshops, seminars, and publications

  • Fostering a global community based on research and knowledge

  • Fostering innovation and ideas through research-based activities

  • Global dissemination of ideas and research through the use of technology

  • Working towards world peace and community development

Chat Session with Eminent Participants

Chat Session with Eminent Participants

Chat Session with Eminent Participants

TERA is in the process of expanding its knowledge base, to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development, and create opportunities for networking and collaboration. At each, Eurasia International Conference, articles, project synopsis, teaching notes, and observations are submitted by the international community of Researchers, Practitioners, Students, and Educationists for the development and spread of ideas. The Editorial Review is showcased on the association’s website, newsletter, social media, and upcoming endeavors.


In each, Eurasia International Conference, Best Paper Award is given to Best Researchers. In the TERA – Teaching & Education Research Association, the Best paper award is given to the participants with the best scholarly paper submitted and presented at the conference. Some of the Best Paper are as below:

Name & Affiliation: Kanjana Tayaborworn

Department of Learning Innovation and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok, Thailand

Title: A Pilot Study of Career Maturity, Problem Solving, and Managerial Skills of Undergraduate Students in Difference Contexts (Gender, Grade Levels, and Faculties)

Abstract: Nowadays, in addition to the academic knowledge of new graduates, competency of career maturity (CM), problem-solving skills(PS), and managerial skills(MS) were also required by company owners or business organizations as they will be useful in real-life work management, too. However, the CM, PS, and MS of each student varied by gender, grade level by gender, and faculties. This pilot study aimed to 1. investigate the current competencies of CM, PS, and MS of undergraduate students. 2. compare current competencies of CM, PS, and MS across different gender and faculties 3. compare the differences of grade levels on current competencies of CM, PS, and MS of undergraduate students. The sample of this pilot study included 164 undergraduate students from Thailand. The online questionnaire was used to explore the current competencies of CM, PS, and MS of undergraduate students and the reliability of this pilot study was acceptable. The results using Independent-Samples T-test and One-way ANOVA. The results from Independent-Samples T-test found that there were six items of CM, PS, and MS that males and females were significantly at a confidence level of .05 but for the total result of CM, PS, and MS showed that gender was not significantly different at a confidence level of .05. After analyzed the difference of current competencies of CM, PS, and MS within and between a group of grade levels by One-way ANOVA, the researcher found that students in different grade levels had significantly different competencies of CM at a confidence level of .05 which can be explained as students in 3rd and 4th year had more competencies of CM than 1st and 2nd year The current findings further revealed that some competencies of CM, PS, and MS was different by gender and grade levels which make instructors or teachers should develop the modern classroom which can increase competitiveness for students and prepares students to be qualified to apply for future employment.

Name & Affiliation: Karthega Shanmugam

Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Title: Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Abstract: Teaching and learning have already been taking a leap forward by adding technologies such as augmented reality that could convert static words of notes into objects that projects 3D visualization by the user. DEP50063 Wireless Communication is one of the subjects being taught for Semester 5 students in polytechnics. As for the Wireless Communication subject, there is a need to visualize advanced complex information to understand it. Embedding Augmented Reality gives a quick way of visualization and user interaction with the objects as compared to searching the same material via alternative online resources. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to predict the lecturers who teach Wireless Communication subject on their acceptance level of incorporating Augmented reality into their learning material by using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The questionnaire was distributed to 40 polytechnic lecturers who teach this subject nationwide. The Pearson Correlation method was used to test the hypotheses. The study reveals that lecturers perceived that Augmented Reality is easy to use and has the intention to use this in their teaching and learning sessions for this subject. Besides, this study also emphasizes the usage of the TAM model to understand and explain behavioral intention to use Augmented reality among Malaysian polytechnic lecturers who teach wireless communication subjects. Keywords: Augmented Reality, Technology Acceptance Model

Name & Affiliation: Korikana Appaji

Dept. of Education and Education Technology, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

Title: Counselling: An Effective Method to Make Successful Learner Who Influenced by Various Factors

Abstract: In the contemporary world, most schoolchildren suffer from various problems in completing their school education. Some students are neglecting their studies due to being influenced by various factors such as school, home, and personal factors. Some of them cannot cope with their studies due to unfavorable conditions. It is a significant loss to the nation because many talented students are losing their resilience. This maladjustment makes talented students as dropouts or underachievers. This paper emphasized that the counseling method is an effective method to modify the behavior of such learners and overcome all the issues and make them successful learners. The main objective of this paper is to motivate disturbed learners who are suffering from various family and individual factors. A single case was investigated over a long period adopting by case study method. Findings revealed that the attitude and behavior of a disturbed learner were modified and made a successful learner by several counseling sessions. Keywords: contemporary, maladjustment, emphasized, underachievers.

Name & Affiliation: Daryl Albright Doubless John

Department of English Language, Betong Vocational College, Sarawak, Malaysia

Title: The Use of 360 Spatial Video in Learning During Pandemic

Abstract: Pandemic has posed threats and opportunities for education. During the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutions were forced to close and transitioned from face-to-face teaching methods to online learning. This implementation has created a shift in education and promoted the digitalization opportunities of education, in line with The National Educational Blueprint (2013-2025). In 2020, Malaysia has introduced Movement Control Order where individuals are not advised to travel and have practiced physical distancing. In this process, students and teachers have faced difficulties and obstacles in teaching and learning. In order to curb the problem, the usage of 360˚ spatial video has been introduced into the classroom during online and hybrid learning to increase the motivation of the students and allow the students to be in a different place and time, from the comfort of their home or safe bubble in school. With the many ready resources on YouTube, the researcher compiled them in a YouTube Channel (V ARC MY) and suggested that teachers may create their own content via 360 Camera. Through the usage of 360˚ Spatial video, students are also able to truly immerse themselves in real-life scenarios, or simulations in a highly immersive experience and this can be used as a teaching aid for impactful Teaching & Learning. Keywords: (Virtual Reality, Vocational College, Online, Remote Learning, Immersive, English for Second Language (ESL)

Name & Affiliation: Cristina State

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Title: Students’ Professional Communication Abilities After the Pandemic Crisis – A Case Study on the 3rd Year Students of Management Faculty

Abstract: Communication is the base of interpersonal relations. The results of all the activities we undertake depend on how we communicate, and despite the fact that it is of the utmost importance that we submit evidence for our communication skills, we are getting more bad at doing so. The motivation that led us to this research was the fact that we noticed a change in the behavior of students regarding the way they interact in the classroom after two years of online activities. Our study aims at revealing whether and to what extent the online education process has altered the communication skills of students. The research “Students’ Professional Communication Abilities After The Pandemic Crisis” was conducted between 02-30 April 2022 on the basis of an online questionnaire. The research methodology which helped us accomplish our objectives for this study is based on quantitative research. The results show that after returning to classes, the students face difficulties in interacting both with colleagues and especially with professors. Furthermore, when having to present projects in front of the class, the majority of students admit that they face a state of anxiety very difficult to manage.

Keywords: Anxiety, Communication Skills, Video, Pandemic Crisis

Eurasia Research makes continuous efforts in transforming the lives of people around the world through education, the application of research & innovative ideas. To Promote Young Researchers, Eurasia Research International conferences provide a Young Research Scholarship in the form of a full Registration fee waiver to participate in such events. This gives immense encouragement to the researchers who have brilliant ideas to exhibit their research work on the International platform.

PUPIL: International Journal of Teaching, Education, and Learning, is open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal. The main objective of ‘Pupil’ is to provide an intellectual platform for international researchers. ‘Pupil’ aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in Teaching and Education and become the leading journal in humanities and social science in the world. This journal is dedicated to the miracle called ‘Society’ that powers all types of civilizations and is fueled by the spirit of survival and co-existence.

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